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Rarely can you expect an author to immerse the reader in such a variety of worlds, and have them come out feeling as though they were a little better for it.

Broken Christmas Toys


Eight-year-old Ellen isn’t sure how she fits in now that her mom is remarried. She feels especially sad and rejected this Christmas since both her dad and step-dad have to work out of town. Broken Christmas Toys is an imaginative, sensitive story that deals with the desire to feel wanted and accepted.

This lovely book provides the perfect opportunity to help young readers understand the true meaning of Christmas, and that in God’s eyes, we are His “perfect delight.” Jesus is the best present of all. 

The Spirit Quest of Little Fox


The Spirit Quest of Little Fox by Lynn Moore Mayberry narrates the extraordinary journey of a very special “Little Fox.”  The book is beautifully written, with a richness of vocabulary and storyline that carries the reader into this quest for self-discovery. The interwoven plot-line revolves around nature and Native-American themes which lends itself to story time around a campfire or used as a wonderful resource in the classroom. Consider this book for searching middle readers through adults.

Mary Margaret Verdon, Ph. D.

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